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Genomic Resolve Research centre provides well-furnished laboratory with the latest equipment having sparkling and aseptic working environment for the handiness of the scholars and a subdivision of the dry lab with internet connection for the students to explore new ideas in research field. We essentially aim to be a connection between Research and academics part in the industries. We offer a proposal for the students/consultant to do their academic projects with us without any hassles. The project work involves various highly developed techniques. The students taken in will be given individual projects to work on and exposure to the instruments, which involves several specialization and high-end techniques which gives them hands-on experience and skills required in their career ahead.

We aim to conduct high quality research and training in boundary areas of pathogen biology. The research done at Genomic Resolve Research centre focuses to improve knowledge on transmittable diseases on animals, for the expansion of vaccines of cancer cell culture and enhanced therapeutics for animal & Plant health care. The centre have virology, cell culture and molecular biology, Chromatography laboratories with all infrastructure necessary to carry out high end research across several regulation in the field of virology, cosmetic, immunotherapeutic and molecular diagnostics. In corresponding the centre provides capability structure in the above areas of research by conducting various workshops and training programmes to provide a high quality and instantly employable work path with knowledge significant to the present industrial needs.


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