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Learn & Research the Products of Ayush Health Care with Our Research Centre

Genomic Resolve Research Centre was established in Bangalore & Coimbatore to test Ayurvedic and Unani Pharmacy drugs. The laboratory started with basic facilities and has in due course been industrial in a well-equipped laboratory of nationalized standard. The major purpose was to test the quality of Ayurvedic and Unani drugs manufactured in the pharmacy and the raw materials used in every drug. In the initial point as there were no principles laid behind these drugs and no pharmacy regulations available the major aim of the lab was to change first the tests for the quality of drugs by research method with our laboratory. Hence orientation of the lab was not only drug testing and also drug research lab. Since its establishment the research laboratory was carried out on a variety of projects and the test for each drug is established.

The values of Ayurvedic and Unani medicines manufactured in the pharmacy were also recognized and practiced. Newer tests for calculating the quality of Ayurvedic drugs with deference to Ayush Ayurvedic principles were developed in the lab. The major services we provide are zero ocular mass tests, hundred granule mass tests to monitor and keep the accuracy, and weight of each drug manufactured in the industry. The project also concludes the conservation of ayurvedic raw materials, Amylase activity, Standardization, and Spectral of both ayurvedic and unani Drugs and raw materials used. In our laboratory, various sophisticated appliances like High-performance thin layer & liquid chromatography, Gas chromatograph, Digital refractometer, Moisture stability, and Atomic combination spectrophotometer were readily available for testing services. With these systematic instruments, the lab is currently engaged in developing each pattern of medicine.

Our testing laboratory services are open for testing the samples of private pharmacies, manufacturing industries, and researchers. This laboratory is being used by the postgraduate students of Ayurvedic College, handed for carrying away research work for MD and Ph.D. degrees in the department of Ayush/Ayurvedic. The staffs of our laboratory include one Chemist-cum-Pharmacist acting as Head of our research centre since the institution.

In our research facility, we offer a wide assortment of cost-effective and customized preclinical and clinical research services to authenticate the efficacy and safety of raw materials and formulations to complete the regulatory requirements. We have a familiarity with working with different research teams to extend and evaluate ayurvedic products for regulatory compliance within precise timelines with approved facilities and propose time-bound quality testing services for the raw material and manufactured products.

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