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Chromatography Techniques

Chromatography Technique

Expert chromatography techniques analysis from our well renowned laboratory facilities, for enumerate and categorize substances and compounds genomic resolve research centre laboratories offer routine and highly developed analytical testing, with recognition levels down to ultra efficient levels. A various array of materials and products are tested by chromatographic techniques on a daily basis, through our chromatography lab network. Chromatography analysis applies molecular partition analytical techniques, allowing recognition of mock-up molecular components.

Our Chromatography Laboratory team associates are experts in the each application of different chromatographic techniques linked to a variety of detectors to respond client questions interrelated to the composition of genetic, industrialized, and ecological/environmental materials. Our laboratory is equipped with high performance liquid chromatography, High Performance, partition chromatography, liquid chromatography and Ultra-High recital Liquid Chromatography, adsorption chromatography and Gas Chromatography instrumentation to test and analyse each product given by our collaborator.

We’ve been the centred research laboratory of our unique innovation projects as India leading functional research organization. From generating new ideas to testing, extenuating risk, and helping on start up businesses and well established industries range up their processes and products, our major work has always determined on industrious mercantile applications. We have the capability, equipments, and proficiency to solve whatever challenges our collaborator and clients face. Through our outstanding researchers, pioneering facilities, and planned investments, we pave the path of improvement that will nourish, develop, fuel, and build our new research organizations. We also help our production and manufacturing associate reduce their impact on our atmosphere, advance their operations, and evolution valuable technology and commodities to the market.

Our Laboratory situated in Bangalore & Coimbatore location provides testing services to individuals, merchant, industries, supportive sector, an administration undertaking, retailers, institutions etc. Our expert workers undertake services manufactured goods valuation to make certain the product compliance to the compulsory standard and other provision. Our laboratory services offer the most-needed assistance in the form of the most dependable precise analytical results with a speedy turnaround time. Our main aim is to be undeniably recognized provincially, nationwide, and globally as a foremost provider of practical research, development and modernization services.


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