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Immunological Techniques

Immunological Technique

For more than a decade, Genomic Resolve Research Centre Laboratories has developed impenetrable immunology lab tests that analyze the instinctive and adaptive immune classification. We offer a wide-ranging suite of immunological experiment and effort with necessary scientists and experimental researchers to interpret or decode immunological breakthrough into laboratory urbanized tests. Our Immunological Techniques Laboratory plays an indispensable role all the way through the entire invention life cycle to do research and enlargement, requirement, industrialized and procedure. To ensure the protection and effectiveness of new resources, apparatus and systems. Our immunology lab techniques testing is requisite to ensure the quality, performance and stamina of new commodities during design, organize excellence during developed or structured drugs and to standardize determined devices, find out each failure, in order to recognize causes and check new incident.

We own a laboratory which test Immunological micro-organism which are instinctive and adaptive protected system. We also deal with proficiency allergic reaction testing which includes ige and T-Cell-mediated disarray such as metal compassion most important untouchable shortage of auto immunities such as persistent urticaria and myositis. We also handle with science immunology and current cytometry Services which deals with Biomarker expansion and legalization Custom multi-colour surge cytometry, as well as examination of surface, intracellular and indication of each molecules Immune coordination along with monitoring of immunological techniques in disease diagnosis studies. Each technique is based upon serum and cell-based evaluation improvement for preclinical and experimental trials with study and procedure propose discussion.

We recommend subject testing for most transmittable disease serology, immune competencies, immuno-deficiencies, immuno techniques, set off deficiencies, with monoclonal and polyclonal gammo pathology, and immunoglobulin insufficiency. Genomic Resolve Research Centre Laboratories is one of the minority labs in the state providing contribution of specific panels for autoimmune anarchy (e.g., individual myositis and neurologic disease) based on clinically appropriate biomarkers.


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