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Genomic Tools

Genomic Tools​

The Genomics Laboratory (Molecular Technology) is an incorporated, high-substance molecular biology laboratory focal point on the improvement of genetics and genomics expertise, together with connected laboratory mechanization systems, data laboratory analysis, and information managing tools. Our genomic resolve research laboratory expand incorporated strategies using numerous equipment platforms that capitalize on the value of examine of clinical samples and direct to the recognition of pathways, genes, or gene commodities concerned in the expansion of a ailment, as well as the congregation of genome annotation or appearance profiles for the classification of predictive and analytical indicators. The genomic lab also concentrate in the improvement of custom attempt for quantization of precise molecules in composite clinical samples with sequencing automation multiplicity of options for library measures, including considerable development design consultation and Ion Torrent.

We provide high-tech molecular ecology equipment and expertise to help scientists with genomic tools technique research. We comprise a wide variety of equipment in our resource that can be used on a service-basis or by qualified scientists. We carry out DNA sequencing and molecule nucleic acid research for scientists at the lab, and make available guidance and to maintain for researchers to use the other apparatus themselves. These embrace systems that facilitate us to envision DNA and protein analyse gels, explore DNA and RNA and estimate of cell colonies. All illustration are prepared in the facility are chequered for reliability and superiority before scientists to start their laboratory analysis. We use highly developed liquid-handling systems to make simpler of the procedures that would otherwise be performed characteristically on the laboratory counter. This rationalized move towards enables scientists to intend with significant projects that quickly lead to innovative insights in biomedical research. By pertaining bioinformatics techniques, we aspire to unknot the complicated genetic and genomics architecture of composite diseases, with a scrupulous focus on cell structural genomics, within the structure of complex biology. We carry out routine preservation and calibration of our apparatus to make certain it is precise and performs to the highest standard. We keep informed and restore the equipment on a customary basis, actively seeking commendation from laboratory heads and senior research employees. In this way, we aim to offer a persistently evolving, progressive facility that each scientist can use to practise their research goals.


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