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Our Test Process

Here at Genomic Resolve Research Centre we provide a new edition of the Research Training and Test process curriculum. Training & Testing techniques in research skills is a key component in the extension of all postgraduate research scholars and postdoctoral researcher graduates. It is widely renowned that future employers, in an extensive range of sectors, expect their staff to acquire a range of generic and assignable skills. To help you to develop these skill-sets, we want you to work with our laboratory to identify different testing process for you to undertake and to participate on the type of research in which you are interested to start up your career, e.g. a sequence of lab based experiments and pharmaceutical trials. The test process means moving from defining your path of study, through predicament formulation, detailed thesis application/protocol including technique, data compilation, data investigation to the finishing stage of writing up.

Our Testing Techniques

Training and testing process for the preparation of biomedical datasets in laboratory setup learning is very important. The researcher should decide carefully the methods that have to be used at every step. However, there is very little revision on method choices. The training in the literature is usually both in practical and theoretical manner. Besides, there is a mock-up model for how to select samples in the preparation and testing process. Therefore, there is necessitate for new resources in various research modules that discuss the instruction and testing process in aspect and offer new commendation.

Our Research

The Research Training curriculum is based on the requests set out in the Researcher Development Framework with a statement enter reference for the improvement of researchers’ skills and attributes. The Genomic Resolve Research Centre is a recognized laboratory which sets out the familiarity, behaviours and quality of efficient and highly skilled researchers as they steps forward through their career. It is structured into various domains, which include what researchers need to know to practise their research, how to be valuable in their approach, when functioning with others, and in contributing to the laboratory environment which illustrate different feature of being a researcher.


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