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Animal Tissue Technique

Animal Tissue Technique

At Genomic Resolve Research Centre, we mainly focus on biotech region that deal with animal tissue techniques services are thereby geared to present research determined candidates with a energetic and easy learning curriculum catering to the challenging requirements of biotech production industry and research organisations. We offer certified training programs, and workshops, which includes the core concepts of mammalian/animal cell culture, stem cell research process, cancer biology and molecular biology along with other associated disciplines. Scholars or professionals will be aided by our experienced research team, directing them throughout with an inventive approach towards research and its different types of animal tissue techniques. Using our highly developed lab facilities and equipment's which help the students to explore the ideology and procedure of these tools and carry out research work over the training duration.

The course will be a short primer to understand the animal tissue culture techniques and to have strengthened the bio-medical research from fundamental research to the contemporary drug discovery. Animal cell and tissue culture has seen tremendous development in ages. In Our research module the trainee will learn about introduction to animal cell culture and understanding types of tissue culture in animal conditions with conservation of animal cells and their transformation of cells with the acquisition of correct animal tissue culture laboratory practices.

Our Institute has ample research infrastructure and support for students pursuing degrees to carry out their research work. Besides, students or trainee scholars will be given more opportunity to customise the training programs which suit their requirements. A combination of the hub training areas and exceptional in-house research techniques will be presented and the projects/training course will be designed on a discussion basis. The tutors will help each individual researcher to appreciate and will help them to independently start the career in animal tissue and organ culture research field.


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