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Plant Tissue Culture Technique

Plant Tissue Culture Techniques

Plant cell culture is a significant tool for both fundamental and practical aspects of plant biotechnology as well as its business-related applications. As a method widely known for the fabrication of large information of hereditarily identical plantlets, this expertise exhibits several recompense over conservative proliferation techniques. All plant cell and tissue culture techniques are proficiency based and upon methodical learning, can equip a individual to efficiently utilize the techniques in an assortment of areas like basic research, ecological issues and industrial applications.

It is an important tool for research on molecular cell signalling, symphony and molecular environmental knowledge, as well as crop enlargement by biotechnology with cyto differentiation in plant tissue culture. This course offers a wide-ranging hands-on training for education the basics with and within reach to laboratory practice along with experience to research trainees.

The purpose of the course is to provide fundamental and practical training in the subject matter for improvement of skills for a booming career in private enterprise, generate theoretically trained human reserve for tissue culture propagation industry and as trainer in research industry.

Benefits of Course

The course will be a worth added course for science graduates and junior researchers. Entrepreneurs who wish to begin their own labs will be benefitted with our training; Researchers in seed culture in plant tissue culture who have a centre of attention on industrial applications such as crop development, secondary metabolite fabrication, and various strategy for inducing genetic intervention; persons who want to comprehend basic laboratory setup, management of explants cell suspension culture in plant tissue culture, nutrient standard and establish the culture, and production of cultures.

Salient Features of the Programme

Hands-on training on commencement of aseptic in plant tissue cultures from diverse explants; criticalities of culture media research; reproduction and rooting; preservation of aseptic plant tissue culture techniques, hardening of culture techniques under poly domicile conditions; fundamentals of hydrogenise and aerologic systems; syndrome and pest administration under independent research conditions.


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