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Cancer Cellculture Techniques

Cancer Cell Culture Technique

Genomic Resolve Research Centre is to support excellence and proficiency in the field of biotechnology and cell culture diagnostics. Currently, we start research in the limited areas of Molecular biology, Cell culture in microbiology, Immunology, Tissue techniques, Biotech and Diagnostic services. We help to contribute to create the required human source in the area of allied sciences by coordinating the training, association of the seminars and scientific workshops.

Our established cell culture techniques training each scholar will learn find essential transformed cell culture techniques and system for pass aging, freezing, and defrosting of cultured cells. We provide scholars and researchers a required environment to execute cancer cell culture techniques based research. Training equips individuals with the awareness of exact aseptic techniques and numerical calculations for specific cell growth, while flow cytometry meet the expense of each individual to get the opportunity to check and determine cell response to laboratory developed compounds. Start here if you are beginning to learn cell culture techniques or necessitate refreshing your understanding of each module.

Our cell culture training programme is surrounded by the major in the state, We take the dependability of adapting the program in easier manner, taking improvement of our great faculty who are here to offer a wide range of courses both at introductory and advanced levels. We also are functioning attentively to offer our students with unique prospect to organize themselves for their careers following completion of training. Here faculty, our guiding team and students work together in a supportive and combined manner and each person is confident and motivated to attain their full potential. Each faculty with various research interests that exclusively positions each department to respond to rising research opportunities.

We do provide training to researchers from academic circles and industry, and distributes a number of frequently used cells lines to research establishment all through the country. The resource is well equipped with laminar stream hoods, carbon dioxide incubators, microscopes, electro-porter, cold room, cold freezers, and cryopreservation containers. Dedicated team help to train workers, and offer support with monoclonal antibody fabrication, beginning of primary cell culture techniques and industrial over-expression and reduced cell lines.


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