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Microbiology Technique

Microbiology Techniques

The mounting complication of diseases caused by microorganisms in current years, with the universal pandemic being one of the most up to date examples, has resulted in a important stipulate for Bachelors and Masters in Microbiology techniques courses which comprise courses such as micro mycology, industrial microbiology in manufacturing unit, and biostatistics, prepare students with the expertise they require to excel in the workplace. Medical microbiology is a regulation of medicine and microbiology that revise microorganisms such as viruses, microbes, fungus, and vermin that are imperative in medicine and can foundation diseases in humans. It is associated to the study of disease pathology and immunology and includes microbial pathogenesis and epidemiology.

Genomic Resolve Research Centre provides microbiology training and research centre located in Bangalore and in Coimbatore. The focus of our institute is to train the scholars by making them comprehend the fundamentals of their subject matter through hands-on experience and applied microbiology and biotechnology training module, thus authorizing the students with an application familiarized training which will significantly enhance their diagnosis in research, sequencing, recognition for bacteria and former microbial detection services required for research and Industrial purpose in branch out fields of clinical microbiology like victuals, dairy, top soil, ecological, agricultural and pharmaceutical industry.

Our well equipped Microbiology laboratory offers ITS Sequencing, Identification for microbes by biochemical systematic methods in microbiology followed by detection based on molecular level. We make available the most highly developed culture techniques in microbiology and process developed by renowned scientists having a strong acquaintance of the systematic techniques that gratify the needs of the scholars. Services provided by our institute are cost efficient, most dependable, definite time based on augmentation of microbial organism and defensible data.

The aim of this curriculum is to offer the realistic microbiology lab training for those who want to start their career as a microbiologist or in the related industry of stream, food, soil, cosmetics, dairy commodities, eminence microbiology lab techniques testing where microbial testing is approved out with advanced education and career building options in the biotech & bio informatics industry.


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