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miRNA tools

miRNA Tools

microRNAs (miRNAs) are a most important type of diminutive RNA that alter genetic material expression at the post translational level. They have been publicized to play significant roles in a wide assortment of biological process. Many computational technique have been industrial to envisage targets of miRNA design tools in order to comprehend miRNAs’ function. However, the preponderance of the methods depend on a set of pre-determined characteristics that necessitate substantial effort and assets to work out, and these technique often do not efficiently on the calculation of miRNA targets.

An internship workshop for PhD students, research scholars and post-doctoral researchers impending with their own authentic data sets will get the preparation and their data assessment and participants will learn the most recent information about miRNA and the use of miRNA tool as a analytical tool. After this itinerary they will be able to analyze their own information and engender ready-to-publish graphics.

MiRNA-Sequencing analysis instruction is to pioneer researchers to the fundamental principles of analyzing miRNA sequence data generate by next-generation sequencing approach. The most important NGS file formats are introduced and individual procedure with preliminary practical analyses including quality control, mapping, apparition, miRNA target calculation and discrepancy expression. In this hands-on training session we will bring into line example data from an miRNA target prediction tools experiment beside the genome and further known and miRNA uncovering as well as degree of difference analysis.


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