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Pharmaceutical Testing in Lab​

In the pharmaceutical industry, strict values exist to make sure the safe utilization and manufacture of drugs. In the middle of the energetic industry setting, pharmaceutical companies which create, manufacture, and market drugs features intense demands to enhance and maximize profits. Contamination of manufactured drugs and pharmaceutical products can cause serious health hazards. Regular environmental monitoring of drug is important to prevent contamination in the period of the fabrication process of drugs. Each pharmaceutical company must certify their stability testing of pharmaceutical products and development meet appropriate safety and quality values and fulfil the demands for regulatory agreement. This fulfilment is compulsory to prevent product corruption and microbial contamination, as public wellbeing and security is at risk. In addition, the increasing demands and prospect of consumers for improved drug products, and the restricted patent lifespan for manufacturers to yield from new products, further intensify the new challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Testing

At Genomic Resolve research Centre we have high-tech infrastructure, modern analytical resources and the function expertise to carry out the along with quality control testing procedure. Multipurpose and highly responsive systematic methods based on diagnostic instrumentation are engaged in our pharmaceutical stability testing laboratories to segregate each sample, to determine and recognize their compositions, and enumerate drug material and its adulteration. We take up both physical and chemical testing for the pharmaceutical industry to authorize various constraints and ensure observance to internationally renowned standards and protocols. In addition to analysing the dynamic ingredients present in sample, we also perform tests to conclude other properties demonstrated by the pharmaceutical products. We have special chemical analysis laboratories and pharmaceutical testing laboratories for every section, which guarantee in high values of quality and accuracy. Individual pharmaceutical testing constraints are due for samples support on most recent regulatory norms and are constantly updated to assist industry certifications and get together with quality standards. Such industry permitted measures along with the awareness of our team of in-house professional ensure we provide timely and valued analytical testing services, all time.

We carry out a mixture of pharmaceutical testing services to make sure your goods have the most excellent quality and safety. Our staffs of specialists are accessible to assist you in every stage of the pharmaceutical testing process. Especially, if you need several tests to bring your manufactured product to market. As expert in pharmaceutical testing, we consistently perform numerous tests for our customers. Our services come together with technical and systematic expertise with an understanding of both national and global regulatory requirements. Our procedure guarantees the premium level of safety for each of your samples.


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